Privacy, Surveillance and the Price of Content

What we post online are living traces of ourselves and this information is accessible long after we are gone. Internet users continuously create data as a trivial act. However, the data does not disappear. So, who then accesses it? Have you ever watch Black Mirror on Netflix? Well, if you haven't, you should. But, the... Continue Reading →


How to edit photos for instagram

Ever wanted to achieve picture perfect images on instagram like your fave influencer or blogger? Well, look no further. This blog post has all the details on how to achieve stunning images and edits for instagram, on a budget with little to no skills. VSCO CAM If you're already on instagram, you've probably already heard... Continue Reading →

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property refers to any intellectual creation including, art work, designs, computer coding and symbols. The role of copyright acts as protection to creators and producers. Before the implementation of copyright anyone could freely copy, modify or sell content made by other individuals. The good news about copyright is that when we create content we... Continue Reading →

BCM113 Ethical Explainer: Deception and Fakery

How do fake users and bots affect social media users and businesses? With the increase in technology, resources are endless in building a social media empire or following. Influencers, businesses, celebrities and bloggers are able to utilise social media platforms such as instagram and twitter. Due to the open environment that the internet is set... Continue Reading →

Simulation & Hyperreality

Are our decisions and thoughts based on our own free will or are placed in a simulated reality? All around us we are surrounded by products marketed to for us to achieve a certain image through materialistic items such as clothing and cars. In our modern society meaning and purpose can only be acquired through... Continue Reading →

Framing and The Construction of Perception

In the model of news, framing is the most important stage. Framing is used in order to created a different perception of a topic or event. Framing allows for multiple versions of an event to be told, forcing readers to question what is the genuine and authentic narrative. What is involved with framing is salience... Continue Reading →

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